Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is designed for those customers traveling or in need of early and late night visits. This allows your dog to be in a familiar, no-stress place while you’re out of town.

The Dog Walker Houston’s service includes walking your dog/s, feeding, cleaning up any messes, administering medication (if needed), mail and paper pickup, and doing any light watering for plants.

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    Service Area

    25-30 minute visit

    • Up to two dogs
      $5 each additional dog

    45 minute visit

    • Up to two dogs
      $5 each additional dog

    1 hour visit

    • Up to two dogs
      $5 each additional dog

    Overnight pet visit

    $80OOper night
    • Overnight stay with your pets. This service includes evening & morning walks. We are happy to bring in mail/newspaper, or anything else while you are away.

    $25 last minute scheduling fee (For pet sitting arrangements made less than 7 days prior to travel)

    “$20 Holiday fee”

    All rates are subject to change dependent on the client’s needs and situation.

    Benefits of Pet sitting

    In the past, pet owners had few choices concerning care for their animals while they were away. In looking for new alternatives, many have found that in-home pet care is one of the best choices for both the owner and the pet. When you go away, your pet stays at home! Each day you are away a pet sitter will come to your home for several visits to feed and care for both your pets and your home. It’s that Easy.

    In-home pet care is easier on your pets. They aren’t traumatized by being removed from their familiar surroundings and their exposure to the illnesses of other animals is minimized.

    If you’re thinking about employing a pet sitter, consider the following benefits: Having a pet sitter can make life much easier for you. When you go out of town you don’t have to impose upon a neighbor or friend to care for your pets.
    Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions before hiring a pet sitter. The services offered as well as the fees charged may vary widely. It is also important to consider such issues, as whether the pet sitter is bonded, has commercial liability insurance, is willing to provide references, and how the sitter interacts with your particular pet.

    With The Dog Walker Houston all of our pet care providers are bonded and insured. You have the services of the same provider each time you use our service. If you are an established client, with our secure key retention program, all you have to do is call. No bothersome extra trips to transport your pet to and from another location. And best of all, when you return home, your healthy and happy pet will be there waiting to greet you!