We’ve been using The Dog Walker for almost 2 years now. I am so happy that we found them! Jessica is incredibly reliable and always seems glad to walk my German Shepherd Ruby. I love reading her notes about the highlights of their walk. She seems to adore her as much as I do–I totally trust them with my baby
Joelle T.
Megan is amazing! She has been walking our dog’s daily for several months and I wouldn’t want to leave our two pups with anyone else. She seems like she actually cares about our dogs and loves them just like we do. We have been so pleased with her and trust her. Plus, our youngest dog has lost weight since she has been walking him. So for anyone nervous that a dog walker doesn’t actually take the dog on a walk, I wouldn’t worry about that with Megan. Our pups are so much happier and healthier since she has been coming!
Victoria A.
I would highly recommend The Dog Walker! I have been using Ben and his team to walk my two dogs for over a year and the experience has been great. My dogs love Ben and James and are much happier and relaxed on days when they get walks. Ben has been flexible in scheduling and is able to accommodate last minute changes to my busy work schedule without issue. Most importantly, Ben and James take great care of my dogs and I feel confident leaving my two babies in their care!
Theresa N.
I have a 14 yr old dog with many ailments, and Ben and Jessica have been fabulous about handling her, helping me and being flexible as sudden schedule changes occur.
I would trust my dog to them under any circumstances and feel confident in their care and concern always. —–And I am verrrrry picky and particular!!
Most importantly— my dog loves them and gets excited whenever she sees them.
I couldn’t recommend them any more highly than that!
Nancy P.
Ben and Meghan are AMAZING. We’ve been with Ben and his team for six years and through three moves. They are truly part of our family, and we take great comfort in knowing that our dogs will be visited each day. I would recommend The Dog Walker to anyone. Our dogs tend to be a bit finicky, and Ben and Meghan handle them perfectly. Can’t imagine life without them!
Randi R.
We LOVE Ben and the Dog Walker team! We hired them about 10 months ago, and they come 3x a week to walk our energetic puppy. It’s nice knowing we can trust them in our home and with our “child”.
We especially love the daily “progress reports”…letting you know how they’re doing and what they did on their walks. It’s been very seamless, and we’ve no issues with schedule changes, last-minute notifications and bill payments. They’re a breeze to work with!
-Sarah & Jan
Sarah P.
Ben and Jessica might be my dog’s favorite people! I swear she is more excited to see them than she is to see me most of the time. They have been walking my dog for almost four years and have been fantastic! No matter what happens in life, they have been able to help out. They have added walks when I’ve had to work extra-long days. My mom’s older dog also would occasionally be at my house for walks and they were so kind to her and her slow pace. She even required help down the stairs and they were total troopers about it!
Couldn’t be happier with the help and attention they have showed me and our furry family members!
Alicia H.
Ben is great. He and his walkers always leave nice notes describing their time with the dogs. It’s good to know that someone is really having fun with them every day. He and his crew are great for people with busy, unpredictable schedules. I don’t know what my week will entail, and he is almost always available on short notice if I get in a bind. Highly recommended!
Amy T.
Ben and his dog walkers are a life saver. We all lead busy lives and some more than others. Recently i inherited my mom two dogs and two cats. They went from a large house and yard to my moderate three story town house with no yard. So i asked a friend for a referral, before i knew it Ben and his guys were on the job.
Trustworthy, professional, loving, and just all around a huge help. Worth every penny, i would highly recommend their services to all looking for help. Much cheaper than doggie day care!
Michael C.
I’ve used this company several times in the three years that I’ve had my dog. Ben and his team are excellent. My dog loves them and is completely exhausted after a session. They’ve even been able to work us into their schedule when I’ve need someone at the last minute. Completely trustworthy, reliable, and professional (the daily report cards are so helpful – and cute), I recommend them any time I have a friend who needs a dog walker.
I’ve just moved out of state and I hope that I can find a service that is as awesome as this one.
Marisa C.
We hired Ben in 2009 and he has never let us down. He and his employees are reliable and clearly love dogs. We get a note each day. I would not hesitate to recommend Ben to anyone who wants to give their pup a break and some attention during the day.
Melissa H.
I can’t say enough great things about Ben! He loves our little dog as much as we do. We have a puppy that has some special needs, and I wasn’t sure if a dog walker would be able to help us out for mid day walks. As soon as Ben heard about the situation, he was understanding and willing to do whatever we needed. He leaves a little “progress report” every day to let us know how everything went. This is really nice; I love reading them every day when I get home from work.
I would highly recommend Ben and his team for anyone that needs help with their pups. Ben is reliable and trustworthy.
Beth S.
My dogs LOVE Megan and Jessica and Ben! They go berserk when they come because they know they are going on a great walk. I’m surprised they can even get their leashes on them! I have had them come twice a day – once in the morning and once in the afternoon – for YEARS, and my dogs would be devastated if they didn’t get their walks. They have known and loved two of my dogs that are now in heaven but I have added more to keep them busy! My dogs are very bored with me on the weekends and i’m sure they are secretly wishing that Megan and Jessica were there Saturday and Sunday, also. I highly recommend this company to anyone who works, or is busy and needs their dogs to run off some energy. I COMPLETELY trust them – they are like members of our family!
Marilyn T.